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THEY ALL START WHISTLING MARY (R. Leslie / C. Keyes) Debroy Somers & His Band (vocal: Dan Donovan) - 1932 Billy Cotton & His Band (vocal: Alan Breeze) - 1932 Leslie Sarony - 1932 Albert Whelan - 1932 Every night at half past eight Swinging on her garden gate Oh, they all start whistling Mary (Whistle) Round the back there’s Mike and Bill Hanging on her window sill And they all start whistling Mary (Whistle) Has she got the boys all dizzy Giving them the run around Love affairs have kept them busy She’s the biggest flirt since Cleopatra Butchers, bakers, ice men too Gay young sparks of ninety two Well they all start whistling Mary (Whistle) With corrections by Mel Priddle (Contributed by Bill Huntley - October 2006)


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