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THE YEAR OF OUR LOVE (Davie / Moore) (1959) Tommy Leonetti Skies and skates and in January Fireside dates in February March winds when our hearts were flyin' high Higher then a kite up in the sky The year of our love. Strolls we took in April showers Sundays when we picked May flowers Moonlight and the midnight swim in June Wond'rin' how it got so late so soon The year of our love. July, and those holidays apart August, you hurried back to ease my aching heart September, the plans we made October saw them fade You denied it in November Tried to hide it thru December Then you taught me how a heart can grow When you said goodbye on New Year's Eve The year of our love, The year of our love. (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - January 2006)


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