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THOSE TEARS IN YOUR EYES (WERE NOT FOR ME) (Ernest Tubb) Ernest Tubb - 1946 There were tears in your eyes when you kissed me But no love in your heart could I see Four years that Iíve had been gone Must have been too lone Cause Those Tears In Your Eyes were Not For Me I know now that youíve found another And youíre wondering if I will set you free I wouldnít know the score To want you any more Cause Those Tears In Your Eyes Were Not For Me Ah come in Jimmy Instrumentals I remember the time when we were happy But I guess it was never meant to be I donít know who to blame But you have brought me shame Cause Those Tears In Your Eyes Were Not For Me All our friends seem to know just what happened But I donít want their kind of sympathy I just want to forget A lovely girl that I met Cause Those Tears In Your Eyes Are Not For Me (Contributed by lylemalone - June 2005)


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