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TIME'S A-WASTIN' (Jimmie Lunceford) Jimmie Lunceford / Madden 1937 Trummy Young (vocal) w Jimmie Lunceford & his Orch rec 1937 The moon is new, the stars are bright, Everyrthing's gonna be alright, Hurry honey hurry, time's a-wastin'! The nightingales sing from above, Oh, what a night for makin' love, Hurry honey hurry, time's a-wastin'! We'd better get on with our wooing, We've got to catch up on our billin' and cooin'! I love that light in your eyes, I wanna be told little white lies, Hurry honey hurry, time's a-wastin'! (Contributed by Peter Akers - July 2010)


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