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TIME WON'T LET ME (Tom King / Chet Kelley) The Outsiders Also recorded by: Jim Belushi; Matt Garbo; The Pietasters; Gene Pitney; The Plimsouls; Iggy Pop; Del Shannon; The Smithereens; Bill Turner. I can't wait forever Even though you want me to I can't wait forever To know if you'll be true Time won't let me (oh, no) Time won't let me (oh, no) Time won't let (1: Wait that long (repeat intro 1X; to Verse 2)) (2: Wow! (to solo)) (3: Wait that long (to coda)) Can't you see I've waited too long To love you, to hold you in my arms Ahhh...ahhh...ahhh...ah! (repeat verse 1) (repeat chorus) (CODA)...long It won't let me wait that long (wait, wait, wait, wait that long) <- BG vocals continue to end Hear me baby waitin' that long Take me back, I'm comin' back right now Hear me baby sayin' I'm comin' home I'm comin' home, oh hear me talkin', pretty baby Don't you know I'm comin' back to you, oh! Oh pretty baby, take me back, I'm comin' back Open up your arms and take me back, a-here I come (fade)


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