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TOM DOOLEY (Traditional) The Kingston Trio - 1957 New Lost City Ramblers - 1960 Glen Neaves & The Grayson County Boys - 1962 Frank Proffitt - 1962 Bradley Wayne - 1963 Doc Watson - 1964 Johnny Rivers - 1965 The Bergerfolk - 1971 The Country Gentlemen - 1973 Also recorded by: Lonnie Donegan Chorus: Hang down your head Tom Dooley Hang down your head and cry Hang down your head Tom Dooley Poor boy you're bound to die I met her on the mountain There I took her life I met her on the mountain Stabbed her with a knife (chorus) This time tomorrow Reckon where I'll be If it hadn't of been for Grayson I'd have been in Tennessee (chorus) This time tomorrow Reckon where I'll be Down in some lonesome canyon Hanging from a wide oak tree (chorus) ***** ORIGINAL VERSION: Chorus: Hang your head, Tom Dooley Hang your head and cry Killed poor Laura Foster And you know you're bound to die You took her on the hillside And begged to be excused You took her on the hillside Then hid her clothes and shoes You dug her grave four feet wide Dug it three feet deep Rolled the cold clay over her And tromped it with your feet (chorus) Took her on the hillside Stabbed with a knife Took her on the hillside And then you took her life Trouble, oh it's trouble A-rollin' through my breast As long as I'm a-livin', boys They ain't a-gonna let me rest (chorus) This time tomorrow morning Where do you reckon I'll be Down in some lonesome valley Just swinging from a white oak tree You can take down my old violin And play it all you please For at this time tomorrow morning It'll be of no use to me (chorus) I know they're gonna hang me Tomorrow I'll be dead Though I never even harmed a hair On poor little Laurie's head In this world and one more Then reckon where I'll be If it wasn't for Sheriff Grayson I'd be in Tennesee (chorus) HISTORICAL ORIGINS: Tom Dooley is based on a true story. Laura (sometimes Laurie) Foster was murdered in 1866 in North Carolina. Local legend tells that both she and Annie Melton were in love with Tom Dula (sometimes Dooley), and further that Sheriff Grayson, the man who arrested him and also drove the horses from beneath him when he was hanged, was jealous of Tom. Some believe that he either committed the murder himself or helped Annie Melton, who is reputed to have murdered Laura Foster out of jealousy. Another version says that Annie was Tom's new love and that together they killed his ex, Laura.


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