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TOMORROW MORNING (Words by Mitchell Parish / Music by Eleanor Young, Harry D. Squires, 1922) Won't you take a look at me, I'm as nervous as can be, Can't you see that I'm waiting so impatiently For the morning to appear, Every minute seems a year, till I place the band upon the hand of my little sweetie dear. How the hours seem to crawl, Haven't slept a wink at all Can't you see that I'm waiting for the rooster's call, In a little while or so, 'Round the corner I will go, where I'll place the band upon the hand of the sweetest girl I know. Tomorrow morning, I'll be wearing a smile, Tomorrow morning, as I march down the aisle I'll have the cutest bunch of charm hanging on my arm, You just wait'll you see my sweetie and me, what a happy pair we'll be, when it's all over, hand in hand we will roam, thru' fields of clover, to Home Sweet Home, I just can't wait until the sunrise begins to rise, tomorrow morning, I'll be in paradise.


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