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TOMORROW MOUNTAIN Lena Horne Just across Tomorrow Mountain Thereís a happy city, they say Where the people are grand and time is planned So itís Christmas every day ĎNeath the scotch and soda fountain Thereís a treat in store for us guys Under cigarette trees, weíll take our ease While the cops fan off the flies There you will be a lucky sinner With no conscience for your guide Each horse you pick will be a winner And the doors of every bank are open wide For across Tomorrow Mountain Thereís a life thatĎs fancy and free On a platinum street weíll plant our feet Itís the land thatís fair to see Wonít you hurry there with me? Just across Tomorrow Mountain Every girl is Queen of the May And the kitchens, Iím told Are lined with gold And there ainít no bills to pay Canít you cross that distant mountain Where it rains Chanel No.5? And the gutters, I think, are paved with mink And the diamond bushes thrive Pigs trot around already roasted Wonít you have a slice of ham? Marshmallows bloom, already toasted And the clouds are made of marmalade and jam Canít you see Tomorrow Mountain? Canít you watch it glimmer and glow? Itís a wonderful town thatís upside-down And itís full of easy dough Wonít you pack your bag and go?


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