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TOMORROW'S CLOWN MARTY WILDE - 1961 In the evenin', when the lights are low I hear him say he'll love you so But don't believe him, he's leavin' town And he'll make you, uum-uum, tomorrow's clown Oh, can't you see, he's playing it cool Don't let him make you such a fool If you don't see how he'll let you down You have no wish to be tomorrow's clown Tomorrow's clown will be so lonely Tomorrow's clown won't be so gay Tomorrow's clown will love me only But I might have flown away You better take a listen, little dreamer You won't be dreamin' long He's gonna leave ya, he's gonna do you so wrong And if you don't see how he'll let you down You have no wish, you have no wish To be tomorrow's clown (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2006) (Contributed by EUROPEANOLDIESLYRICS - March 2006)


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