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TONIGHT YOU'RE GONNA FALL IN LOVE WITH ME The Shirelles They say that you will never settle down They say that you just have to run around But they don't realize you're in for a big surprise Tonight you're gonna fall in love with me I'm gonna treat you like you're a king (you're a king) To win your lovin' I'll do anything (anything) I'm gonna treat you fine, I'm gonna make you mine Tonight you're gonna fall in love with me All the girls are after you, it really shows (that you know) But tonight I'll hold you tight & you will be (he will be) In love with me (in love with me) Before you know it, you will be my guy (be my guy) My friends will turn their heads when we walk by (we walk by) One kiss will be the start, one kiss will win your heart (repeat & fade): Tonight you're gonna fall in love with me


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