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TOOLIE-OOLIE-DOOLIE (Beul / Horton) The Andrews Sisters When a fella meets a girl in Switzerland There’s a certain thing he’s gotta do He can never never take her by the hand Till he learns to toolie-oolie-doo When a Swiss boy goes calling On a Swiss miss in June Toolie-oolie-doolie-doo He sings this pretty tune And he charms her like magic When he yodels this tune Toolie-oolie-doolie-doo Beneath the alpine moon ^The echo goes higher, and higher And soon their hearts are both on fire When you get lonely, Now you know what to do Toolie-oolie-doolie-doo And make your dreams come true (Rep from ^) Toolie-oolie-doolie-doo And make your dreams come true


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