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TOO MUCH OF NOTHING (Bob Dylan) Peter, Paul, & Mary Too much of nothin' can make a man feel ill at ease One man's temper might rise, while the other man's temper might freeze. In the days of long confessions, we can not mock a soul When there's too much of nothin', no one has control. (Chorus) Say hello to Valerie, say hello to Marion, Send them all my salary, on the waters of oblivion. Too much of nothin' can make a man abuse a king, He can walk the streets and boast like most but he don't know a thing. It's all been done before, it's all been written in the book. But when it's too much of nothin', nobody should look. (Chorus) Too much of nothin' can turn a man into a liar It can couse some man to sleep on nails, another man to eat fire. Everybody's doin' somethin', I heard it in a dream But when it's too much of nothin', it just makes a fella mean. (Chorus)


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