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TOSELLI'S SERENADE (Music : Enrico Toselli) Mario Lanza & Mary Schneider Like a golden dream, in my heart e'er smiling. Lives a vision fair of happy love I knew in days gone by. Still I seem to hear, your laughter beguiling. Still to see the joy, the love light beaming from your radiant eyes. Will my dreaming be in vain? Will my love ne'er come again? Oh, come, shall we waste the golden hours of youth far apart? What care I for live, without you by my side? Do not delay, the hours slip away. Your arms are my paradise. You and only you can fill my heart. Oh, star of my heaven, Come back and shed your light upon my way. Come back! Come back! (Contributed by Christina - August 2003) (Corrections by Winnie - April 2004)


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