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TOUCH OF HOME Ernie Goff Bill Carter Mama's In The Kitchen I Can Smell The Bacon Fryin' Grease A-Poppin' Like It Always Did With That Little Apron On She Pours The Gravy On The Biscuits My Mouth Waters Like A Kid This Is Sunday Mornin', And The Preacher's Comin' Today I Can Hear My Mama Talkin' Tellin' All About Her Boy Who Is Away. I Can See My Sister Sittin' In The Rockin' Chair A Knittin' Something For The Neighbor's Kids To Wear And When Someone Asks Mama If She's Heard From Me They See A Glistenin' Tear And My Daddy's Droopin' Shoulders Bear A Burden As He Does The Chores Alone Oh, But How I'm Thankin' God That He Still Lets Me Feel a TOUCH OF HOME. Then The Glitter From The Circle Of The Flashlight That The Guard Is Holdin' Shines Against My Wall When I Answer To My Number He Moves To The Next Cell On Down The Hall It's The Dream That Makes My Life Worth Livin' As I Face Another Prison Dawn And I Just Couldn't Make It Without The Thoughts That Bring a TOUCH OF HOME No, I Just Couldn't Make It Without The Thoughts That Bring a TOUCH OF HOME. (Contributed by Garr Norick - March 2007)


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