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TROUBLE IN PARADISE The Crests (x2): Calling all angels, calling all angels, calling all angels oo---ou There's trouble in paradise My turtle doves changing wings There's trouble in paradise The birds no longer sing Some devil told my angel alot of lies & now my tears are falling Like raindrops from the sky There's trouble in paradise The stars no longer shine There's trouble in paradise 'Cause she's no longer mine That devil told my angel I'd been untrue Won't somebody help me please Tell me me what to do Bridge: Mr. Moon, Mr. Sun Tell her she's the only one Guide her with your lovely light Back into my arms tonight There's trouble in paradise & heaven's not the same The angels sit & cry They say it's such a shame They'd like our love to be just like before Then the trouble in paradise will be no more (repeat bridge) (repeat & fade): Calling all angels, calling all angels


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