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TROUBLESOME TRUMPET (Michael Carr) Nat Gonella’s Georgians Also recorded by : Bob Crosby & His Orch.; Red Nichols. Troublesome trumpet, tell me why you ruin Beautiful music, what'cha think you're doin' Troublesome trumpet, take the wicked thing away. Troublesome trumpet, catch me feeling nervy Playing these sweet things alway topsy-turvey Troublesome trumpet, how I wish you wouldn't play. (Trumpet break) If you don't, you're gonna drive me crazy Troublesome trumpet, murder on the blue notes Searing my soul with red-hot burning through notes Troublesome trumpet, driving me crazy (stop, stop, love, love, love it.) (Trumpet Interlude) Troublesome trumpet, Blowin' a blue note Blowin' a low note Troublesome trumpet Blowin' a high note Blowin' a low note (Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.) (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - December 2004)


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