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TRUCKER'S LAMENT : I JUST DON'T LOOK GOOD NAKED ANYMORE (Sheb Wooley / Dick Feller) Recorded by: Ben Colder; LeRoy Mack; The VW Boys; Fantastic Shakers; Rita Schneider; Dale Pridgeon; Stan Boreson; Tex & Mary Schutz; Dick Feller. I stepped outta the shower and I gotta good look at myself Pot belly, bald head, man, I thought I was somebody else I caught my reflection in the mirror on the back of my bathroom door I just don't look good naked anymore So, I'm goin' upstairs and turn the bedroom mirror to the wall I hung it there when I was trim and tall I'd stand there and smile, and strut and flex until my arms got sore But I just don't look good naked anymore Well, I used to go out with the girls I loved them one and all Now they don't get very close to me They're afraid that I might fall Well, I went to the Doctor for my annual medical exam Stood there in the buff, suddenly he said "MAN" I said "What is it Doc, some fatal disease, I just gotta know the score" He said "No, you just don't look good naked anymore Well, me and my wife had a dance routine Everybody said it was unique Now it's only when we're back to back That we're dancing cheek to cheek Well, I went to a nudie beech to have some seaside fun Stretched out in my birthday suit, soakin' up the sun Somebody yelled, "Hey, there's an old white whale washed up on the shore I just don't look good naked anymore Yeah, my arches fell, my chest went to hell And my butt's a-draggin' the floor An' I just don't look good naked anymore No, I just don't look good naked anymore


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