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TURN BACK THE UNIVERSE (And Give Me Yesterday) (Music by Ernest R. Ball / J. Keirn Brennan, 1916) It seems so long ago,although 'twas only yesterday, when just a word in anger heard our lives should part for aye. With faith so strong we thought no wrong could tear our heart strings then; what would I give could I but live the days that might have been! My soul I'd give to live the happy days beyond recall, when you were near and to you, dear, I gave my love, my all. A perfect past too good to last, is all I dream of now, I hope and wait and trust to fate to bring you back some how! Turn back the universe and give me yesterday; unclasp the hands of time that hold life's golden ray. Take back that bitter hour when our love passed away, turn back the universe and give me yesterday!


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