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TV MAMA Johnny Winter Well I laid down last night And I turned my TV on You know I laid down last night I turned my TV on You know she's a good old box people But I believe my tube is blown Well my baby she was cryin' Want me to get my TV fixed Ohuuu she was cryin' Wanna get my TV fixed She said our TV needs service And she needs it mighty quick By the way now Well I called the TV doctor He came over right away He said to see what he can do He'd have to haul my tube away I told no Damn well I'll never do Man if you don't get the picture I'm gonna do some work on you Work a while go ahead now (get the picture right?) Got my TV working My old tube is like brand new And now I got my TV workin' My old tube is like brand new Yes come over baby And I show my tube to you haha How do you like my tube?


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