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TWENTY-FOUR HOURS AT A TIME The Marshall Tucker Band I been down around Houston, Texas, where the sun shines most of the time. I been driving for about six hours, trying to reach that Arkansas line. Texarkana's just an hour ahead; I gotta keep my wheels rolling. (Chorus) But woman you're always on my mind, 24 hours at a time, Somehow, woman, I'm hoping you feel the same way. Woman, you know that I miss you, But I can't miss you no more, I got this White doing 70 miles an hour, She's loaded, it's down to the floor. But I got to reach that Arkansas line before the sun goes down. (Chorus) Woman you know I need you, I been on the road so much, Try to make connected highways, We got to keep in touch someway. (Repeat first verse) (Chorus) Feel the same way ...


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