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TWENTY-FOUR HOURS IN TUNBRIDGE WELLS (Innes/Idle) Neil Innes and Eric Idle The most exciting place in the world for sailors With the most exciting wicked naughty girls More exciting than a book of Norman Mailer's That's Tunbridge Wells! We're on our way to Tunbridge Wells Tunbridge Wells casts its magic spells We'll spend all day in Tunbridge Wells And smell all the Tunbridge Wells smells sniff - AHH! Where the women are women and the men are rougher and tougher than the worst of hell's men Tunbridge, Tunbridge - Tunbridge Wells! Starting soon on Rutland Weekend, a new series of Classically Bad American Films, commencing with the touching tale of three laughing, singing, dancing, lovable American sailors with 24 hours liberty in one of the most exciting towns in Kent. Tunbridge Wells on closing day Nuttin' to do and nuttin' to say Gonna shout out HIP HOORRAY! I got 24 hours in Tunbridge Wells to while... a... way. We've been to Leamington - We've been to Malvern - And we've been to Cheltenham with all of the swells But the place we dig the most in the world is Tunbridge Wells! (Contributed by =Ae= - December 2013)


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