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TWO GLASSES, JOE (Cindy Walker) Ernest Tubb - 1948 Setup two glasses, Joe And turn the jukebox low And let me set here and reminisce. While, I pretend that she is still sitting here with me The way she did not long ago We use to paint the town red And dance until two I donít paint it red no more But Iím paintiní it blue He stole her love, I know But he canít stop me, Joe From having just a dream or two Setup two glasses, Joe Maybe you didnít know But thereís a memory in the room A memory that walks A memory that talks And haunts me everywhere I go Iím just a fool that loves her And will till I die From the very first hello until the last goodbye And this is it you know So, fill Two Glasses, Joe Then leave me here alone to cry (Contributed by lylemalone - January 2005)


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