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TWO-TONE SHOES (Parody of Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes") (Homer Haynes / Jethro Burns / Carl Perkins) Homer & Jethro - 1956 One part's white, the other is tan I bought 'em down at Tom McAn Now don't you step on my two-tone shoes I'll give you a bruise if you step on my shoes I went to a dance at the Cimarron I danced all night with my new shoes on I durn near danced myself to death The tongues in my shoes was a-pantin' for breath Now don't you step on my two-tone shoes Please don't abuse my purty two-tone shoes I danced on the bottoms, you danced on the top Honey, this stuff has got to stop Now don't you step on my two-tone shoes You've ruined them now, you great big clumsy cow Now honey you look so nice and neat Where did you get them great big feet When we're dancin' all alone Leave them combat boots at home Now don't you step on my two-tone shoes Can't you see your feet are killin' me Now tell me, Alice, was it malice When you stepped upon my callus My two-tones, I wore 'em plumb full of holes The tops are shot, have mercy on my soles (Contributed by - February 2007)


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