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UNDER PARIS SKIES (SOUS LE CIEL DE PARIS) Title song from the film "Sous le ciel de Paris" (1950) (Music: Hubert Giraud / Lyrics: Jean Drejac) (English Lyrics: Kim Gannon) Jean Bretonnière (Film Soundtrack) - 1950 Frank Chacksfield, His Orch. & Chorus - 1952 Mitch Miller & His Gang - 1953 Gisele MacKenzie - 1956 Les Brown & His Band of Renown - 1956 Coleman Hawkins (with Manny Albam & His Orch.) - 1956 Bob Florence & His Orch. - 1958 Mantovani & His Orch. - 1959 The Three Suns - 1960 Bing Crosby (with Malcolm Lockyer & His Orch.) - 1961 Michel Legrand & His Orch. - 1961 Andy Williams - 1964 Ray Conniff, His Orch. & Chorus - 1964 Helen Merrill - 1968 Brave Combo with Lauren Agnelli - 1994 Also recorded by: Rhonda Fleming; Xavier Cugat; Juliette Greco; Sam Cooke; Ray Martin & His Orch; Charles Camilleri; Jerry Caringi; The Troubadours; Whistlin' Tom; 101 Strings; Joni James; Victor Young; Karrin Allyson; Eddie Barclay & His Orch.; Percy Faith; Dinah Shore; Michele Anastasio; James Last; Enoch Light & His Orch.; Jeanne Newhall; Kayle Brecher; Paul Anka; Karen Akers ........ and others. as rec by Bing Crosby w Malcolm Lockyer & his Orch 1961 Stranger beware, There's love in the air Under Paris skies; Try to be smart, Don't let your heart Catch on fire! Love becomes king The moment it's Spring Under Paris skies; Lonely hearts meet Somewhere on the street Of desire. Parisian love can bloom High in a skylight room, Or in a gay cafe Where hundreds of people can see! I wasn't smart And I lost my heart Under Paris skies; Don't ever be A heartbroken stranger like me! Oh, I fell in love, Yes I was a fool, For Paris can be So beautifully cruel; Paris is just a gay coquette Who wants to love and then forget. Stranger beware! There's love in the air! Just look and see What happened to me Under Paris skies; Watch what you do, Same thing can happen to you! Watch what you do, The same thing can happen to you! (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2010)


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