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VAMOS A BAILAR José Feliciano (Puerto Rico) Ohhh, vamos a bailar, vamos a bailar. Eyyy Vamos a hacer una fiesta, yo la voy a organizar deja tu pena en tu casa, que aquí no vengan a parar. Escucha el ritmo que traigo, yo lo traigo para tí. Y cuando tu lo disfrutes, se que me dirás así. Chorus: Vamos a bailar ohh, ohhh. Vamos a bailar ohh, ohhh. Vamos a bailar ohh, ohhh. A bailar, vamos a bailar, ohhh, ohhh. We are going to have a party We´ve invited all our friends Feel the music, feel the laughter and dancing never ends Put your worries in the closet Forget the clock upon the wall We deserve to have a party and we´re going to have a ball! Chorus And we can do it, we can do it if you want to Oyeme bien, let´s get dancing, we´ll be dancing all night long, yeah. Chorus SOLO Chorus


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