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WAITIN' FOR KATY From the film "The Hit Of The Show" (1928) (Gus Kahn / Ted Shapiro) Ben Pollock & His Orch. - 1928 Guy Lomardo & His Royal Canadians - 1928 Fred Hall's Orch. - 1928 Gene Carroll & Al Grady - 1928 Fred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies - 1928 Will Perry's Orch. - 1928 Standing on a certain corner nightly While his boy friends pass him smiling brightly One little fellow waves, to them he proudly states Go on you fellows, go on and keep your dates All the rest can go where they want to go But I know that I've got a datey I'm waitin' for K-K-Katy dear I may miss a lot, but I'll tell you what There's a time when I'm never latey When waitin' for K-K-Katy dear Our appointment was for seven It's a quarter-after-eight If she's not here by eleven Then I'll simply have to wait Oh, my new shoes hurt and my collar's tight But I'll stand all night and I'll waity Just waitin' for K-K-Katy, waitin' for K-Katy (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2017)


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