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WAITING FOR A TRAIN Jimmie Rodgers All around the water tank Waitin' for a train A thousand miles away from home Sleeping in the rain. I walked up to a brakeman To give him a line of talk He says if you've got money I'll see that you don't walk. I haven't got a nickle Not a penny can I show He said get off you railroad bum And slammed the boxcar door. Oh la-ee, oh la-ee, oh la-ee Oh la-ee, oh la-ee, oh. He put me off in Texas A place I surely love Wide open spaces 'round me The moon and stars above. Nobody seems to want me Or lend me a helping hand I'm on my way from 'Frisco Goin' back to Dixieland. My pocketbook is empty And my heart is filled with pain I'm a thousand miles away from home Just waiting for a train. Oh la-ee, oh la-ee, oh la-ee Oh la-ee, oh la-ee, oh. (Contributed by George Smith - May 2003)


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