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WAKE UP! CHILLUN, WAKE UP! (J Trent / W Robison) as recorded by Ray Starita & his Ambassadors Band (vocal - Betty Bolton) May 4th 1929 Londom The sunbeams are dancing and laughing with glee, The leaves on the trees wavin' "howdy?" to me, It seems like the whole world's a big jubilee, Wake up! Chillun, wake up! The love song of nature caressin' your ear Will tell you that Springtime is hoverin' near, The spirit of gladness is bringin' good cheer, Wake up! Chillun, wake up! Each golden hour, Treat it like a treasure rare, Love is is power, Now's the time to get your share! The riover is singin' and I'm singin' too, The dream clouds are driftin' away in the blue, The voice of the mornin' is callin' to you, Wake up! Chillun, wake up! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2016)


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