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WALKING BLUES (Robert Johnson) Robert Johnson - 1936 Paul Butterfield Blues Band - 1966 I woke up this mornin', feelin' round for my shoes Know by that I got these old walkin' blues, well Woke this mornin' feelin’ round for my shoes But you know by that, I got these old walkin' blues Lord I feel like blowin’ my old lonesome horn Got up this mornin’, my little Bernice was gone, Lord I feel like blowin’ my lonesome horn Well I got up this mornin’, whoa all I had was gone Well, leave this mornin' if I have to, ride the blinds I feel mistreated, and I don't mind dyin' Leavin’ this mornin', if I have to ride the blind Babe, I’ve been mistreated, baby and I don't mind dyin' Well, some people tell me that the worried blues ain't bad Worst old feelin' I most ever had Some people tell me that these old worried old blues ain't bad It's the worst old feelin', I most ever had She’s got a elgin movement from her head down to her toes Break in on a dollar most anywhere she goes Ooh, from her head down to her toes Lord, she break in on a dollar, most anywhere she goes


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