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WATCHING THE LATE, LATE SHOW (Don Covay) Don Covay Also recorded by: The Fondas (guitar intro) Another night Everyone's asleep but me But I guess I better See what's on t.v. Lookin' at the face Of a clock on the wall It said, 'Don, your baby Won't be home again tonight at all' Just another night For waitin' for you, honey Watchin' the late, late, show I'm just ten cent away By telephone But you won't call You won't bring it home The ceilins' are easin' down My walls are movin' in I got you on my mind Don't know what picture I'm watching In the midnight hour Wanting you in my arms, honey Watching the late, late, show What cha tryin' to do drive me crazy? Ooo-yeah! Babe, I need your company, yeah! Don't go to strangers Don't go to strangers Come on! (come on!) Come on! (come on!) Come on! (come on!) Come home again, yeah! When you walk in I won't ask you where you've been I just wanna hold you Before you leave again In the midnight hour I just wanna be with you When I'm watching the late, late, show Ooo! Watchin' the late, late, show Ooo! Watchin' the late late show FADES- Ooo! Watchin' the late, late, show Ooo! Watchin' the late, ...


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