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WATER WHEEL (aka WHERE A WATER WHEEL KEEPS TURNING ON) From the film "Red River Valley" (1936) (Sam H. Stept / Oliver Drake) Gene Autry & Frances Grant (feat. in the film "Oh, Susanna!") - 1936 AUTRY: In the valley there's a lazy river flowing Drifting ever over toward the sea And a water wheel just seems to keep on turning But it seems to croon a song of love to me BOTH: I'll always dream of a lazy stream Where a water wheel keeps turning on When shadows fall and the sun goes down Like a water wheel my dreams go on AUTRY: Beside a lazy river stands a shady tree GRANT: A little bit of Heaven's waiting there for me BOTH: I'll find my love by a lazy stream Where a water wheel keeps turning on (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2011)


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