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WAYMORE'S BLUES (Waylon Jennings) Waylon Jennings J.J. Cale Ben Harper Well I woke up this morning, it was drizzling rain Round the curve come a passenger train Heard somebody yodel, hobo moan Jimmy he dead, he been a long time gone Been a long time gone Been a long time gone If you wanna get to heaven gotta D.I.E. You gotta put on your coat and T.I.E. You wanna get the rabbit out of the L.O.G. You gotta make a commotion like a D.O.G. Like a D.O.G. Like a D.O.G. Well I got a good woman what's the matter with me Makes me wanna love every woman I see I was traveling when I met her now I'm traveling again The woman I see looks like the place I came in The place I came in Like the place I came in Well I got my name printed on my shirt Ain't no ordinary dude, I don't have to work I don't have to work That's right (Contributed by =Ae= - January 2009)


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