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WEEDS Pulp We came across the North Sea with our carriers on our knees Wound up in some holding camp somewhere outside Leeds. Because we do not care to fight, my friends - we are the weeds. Because we got no homes they call us smelly refugees. Ah. We are weeds, vegetation, dense undergrowth. Thru' cracks in the pavement: there weeds will grow - the places you don't go. This cut-price dairy produce that turns our bones to dust. You want some entertainment? Go on, shove it up me - if you must. Make believe you're so turned on by planting trees & shrubs But you come round to visit us when you fancy booze 'n' drugs. Ah. We are weeds, vegetation, etc. If you think it's a crime We'd like to get you out of your mind. It's just a matter of time, yeah We'd like to get you out of your mind. Gonna cut you down in your prime, yeah We'd like to get you out of your mind. For a little time: for all time. Weed.


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