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WEEP NO MORE Dave Brubeck (m) Iola Brubeck (l) 1960 Carmen McRae w The Dave Brubeck Quartet rec Sep 9th 1960 In your eyes Was the promise of the endless skies, Now you say our love will die, And you cry; Weep no more! Now our song Is as mournful as the day is long, Heavy as a million years, Filled with tears, Weep no more! Let's relive our dreams And forget those schemes Of a world gone mad, What we had let's have! What was there for us, Let's take care for us! No, our love's not through, It is born anew! Weep no more, For our hearts are through with love, Can be filled anew with love, Weep no more, Weep no more! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2010)


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