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WE'RE THROUGH Tadd Dameron / Jesse Greer as rec by Sarah Vaughan w Dick Wells & his Big Seven March 21st 1946 New York Now my love has gone, Although I Knew that he was wrong, Please help me to find The love that was mine; We're through! He was so untrue; Although he lied, I always knew That someday he'd leave, Still I can't believe We're through! I'm so all alone, I have no love to call my own; No-one to cheer me, Call me dearie, Hold me tenderly! Our friends began to say That our affair would end this way; They may all be so true, Last hope remain with you, we're through! I guess it has to be, But life's like that with me, And I can't believe that we're through! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2011)


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