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WERVIN' (Bley) Nick Mason Wervin', we're Wervin' Do you need a doctor? Swervin' and curvin' Are you pocket trained? Do you like to Werve? Do you have the nerve? Do you need a doctor When you start to swerve? Are you pocket trained Goin' 'round a curve? Can you Werve? Wervin', we're Wervin' Do you save the coupons? Swervin' and curvin' Can I borrow your suit? Can you Werve like a bird Or do you find it absurd? Did you come prepurd? Can I borrow your suit? Do you find it unnervin' Or pleasantly disturbin' Can you Werve? Wervin', we're Wervin' Do you have your 'chute? Swervin' and curvin' Does your mother know? Do you worry when you Werve? Are you scared when you swerve? Do you get what you deserve When you go around a curve? I can see your house Have you lost your nerve? Can you Werve? Werve Werve Werve (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - January 2004)


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