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WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT (Words and Music by John Winston Lennon) John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band - 1974 (vocal backing by Elton John) Whatever gets you thru the night 'salright, 'salright. It's yor money or your life 'salright, 'salright. Don't need a sword to cut thru' flowers, Oh no, Oh no Whatever gets you thru' your life 'salright, 'salright. Do it wrong or do it right 'salright, 'salright. Don't need a watch to waste your time, Oh no, Oh no Hold me darlin', come on listen to me, I won't do you no harm; Trust me darlin', come on listen to me Come on listen to me, come on listen, listen. Whatever gets you to the light 'salright, 'salright Out of the blue or out of sight 'salright, 'salright Don't need a gun to blow you mind, Oh no Oh no


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