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WHEN I DREAM OF OLD ERIN (I'm Dreaming Of You) (Marvin Lee / Leo Friedman, 1912) When the nightingale's singing its sweet melodies, And the scent of the flowers perfumes the night breeze, Then I dream of my old home far over the sea, By the Lake of Kilarney, Where I long to be. And I see you, it seems, waiting there on the shore, Where together we stray'd in the sweet days of yore, I am thinking, tonight, of my Colleen so true: When I dream of Old Erin, I'm dreaming of you. I can see the old cottage, just o'er the hill there; 'Tis those fond recollections bring happiness rare. Sure the lassie I love with a heart that is true, She is waiting for someone, While someone waits too. And my love's growing stronger each day, more and more, 'Tis the same old love story that's told o'er and o'er, So, -cush-la my Colleen, it seems that you knew, When I dream of Old Erin, I'm dreaming of you. When I dream of old Erin I'm dreaming of you, With your sweet, roguish smile and your true eyes of blue; For my love, like the Shamrock, each day stronger grew; When I dream of Old Erin, I'm dreaming of you.


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