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WHEN MY BABY SINGS HIS SONG (Carl Belew / W.S. Stevenson / Betty Jean Robinson) Carl Belew & Betty Jean Robinson - 1971 BETTY: When the sun goes down behind the mountain To sleep until she wakes the dawn I get the same ol' lonesome feelin' 'Cause that's when my baby sings his song CARL: What's he doin' in my world What's he doin' holdin' my girl If he's not more than just a friend Why were you kissin' him What's he doin' in my world BETTY: In his eyes I see the trace of sadness That comes when memories hold on And his ol' guitar sounds just like it's cryin' When my baby sings his song CARL: You say you've found somebody new But that won't stop my lovin' you I just can't let you walk away Am I that easy to forget BETTY: I make myself believe that he still loves me Although to her he sings his songs But as long as he returns to me at sundown I'll listen while my baby sings his song BOTH: 'Cause all I need is you All I want is you To give my lovin' to All I need is you All I need is you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2010)


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