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WHEN SHADOWS FALL I HEAR YOU CALLING CALIFORNIA (Words by Tot Seymour / Music by Milo Rega, 1920) You'll find every native son, when his roaming days are done; has a feeling so forlorn for the place where he was born. I'm no different from the rest, I've that feeling in my breast, I've a longing for the Golden West. I can see each sun kissed hill, it gives me a wholesome thrill; and I see the orange tree, that once sheltered you and me. I hope I'll be back there soon, mid the roses' sweet perfume, where each day is like a day in June. When shadows fall I hear you calling California, your sheltering palms stretch out their arms. Each gentle breeze brings memories of California; in every dream I just seem to be going back to the one I love. I know somebody who is waiting to caress me, two eyes of blue, said they'd be true, I'm going there where the palm trees are swaying, that's where I'm longing to be; two loving arms beneath the palms are calling me.


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