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WHEN THE BEES MAKE HONEY DOWN IN SUNNY ALABAM' (Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young / Walter Donaldson, 1919) I just feel like telling the world I'm happy and gay; I just feel like telling you why I'm feeling that way; This is just the time of the year when bees start to buzz, And I've got a bee in my bonnet, simply because: I will be the busiest bee that you ever knew; Sipping honey all thro' the day that's just what I'll do; When the bees are buzzin' away near some Rosemary, How I love to bumble around just take it from me. When the bees make honey down in sunny Alabam', That's when I said, I'd be sending a telegram; Down to honey suckled home, Where my folks live all alone; They're like a pair of honey bees, In a honey comb. I'm gonna make a beeline straight for home, That's where I am, And I've a plan to buzz around with my honey lamb; Some Sunday afternoon, If I don't get stung, there'll be a honey moon, When the bees make honey, down in sunny, Oh! you Alabam.


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