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WHEN THE TURKEY IN THE STRAW DANCED THE CHICKEN REEL (J. Will Callahan / F. Henri Klickmann, 1913) In a barnyard far away, All the fowls assembled on a summer day; Just to give a barnyard dance, Tried to put the farmers in a barnyard trance. All the rubes for miles around, Came to see them shuffle there upon the ground. Old Si Jones in overalls, Always won the ribbon at the barnyard balls; Came that day with Aunt Suzanne, Frisky as a bullfrog in a fryin' pan. Said, "By Gosh, just turn me loose," Crack'd his heels together yellin', "Come on, Suze." All the old hens cackled and the young ducks quacked, And the rooster all began to crow; The little chickens stood there in a row, "Keep your feet a-movin'," you could hear the farmers yell, And the old cow hid behind the old hay stack, But the pigs just grunted kind o' low; As they stood there lookin' at the show, When the turkey in the straw danced the chicken reel.


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