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WHEN YOU'RE AWAY (Victor Herbert / Henry Martyn Blossom) Deanna Durbin 1943 Sung by Deanna Durbin in His Butler's Sister 1943 Director:Frank Borzage Leads: Deanna Durbin/Franchot Tone/Pat O'Brien Lux Radio Theater broadcast an adaptation of this in 1944 Adaptation done by Durbin and O'Brien When you're away dear How weary the lonesome hours Sunshine seems grey dear The fragrance has left the flowers. Ever I hear you in seeming Whispering soft love words to me Ah if I knew it were but dreaming Never to be. CHORUS Then when youre near me There's not that I strive to do Save to endear me More fondly my love to you. Never again let us part dear Id die without you my own Hold me again to your heart I love you alone Love you my own (Transcribed by David Story - June 2013)


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