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WHEN YOU'RE GOOD YOU'RE LONESOME (Grace Doro, 1920) Edythe Baker I feel so sad and lonely I wish I knew just why Every one is happy, While all I do is sigh. I walk the straight and narrow path I'm good as I can be; Maybe that's just what is wrong, For it seems to me. My mother always told me "Be very, very good;" I took her advise, Like a good child always should. I went to bed at eight o'clock But what did that get me? I have missed an awful lot, Now I plainly see. When you are good, you're so lonesome, And when you're lonesome you're blue; Sometimes it seems very hard to believe Every dark cloud has a silver lining I think it'll get me a sweetie who'll make afuss over me, Just love and pet me all the day; Then I'll never have to say When you are good you're so lonesome, And when you're lonesome you're blue.


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