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WHILE I'M STILL ALIVE Ultravox Playing the game With the chips on my shoulder Checking in the mirror As my coffee cup gets colder Stagger and swagger Combing my hair If tomorrow's not there Then at least today's all mine Chorus: While I'm still alive While I'm still alive While I'm still alive Strutting my stuff I'm blagging the damage From coupling with headlines I was suckled on salvage The fighting's exciting The age is dramatic I'm crackling with static Just jiving to survive (Chorus) Take a stroll down the side roads, I know you want to A shock in the dark can be good for your heart, oh yeah (Chorus) Scuffling along On the crest of a wave Laughing and grafting Or jerking and working Striking a match Where life is a gas I need the flash To make it all worthwhile (Chorus)


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