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WHISTLING UNDER THE MOON (Robert Hargreaves / Stanley Damerell / M. Ewing) Billy Cotton & His Band (vocal: Alan Breeze) When the evening shadows fall And night has cast a spell Filling the world with tenderest blue ĎNeath the silvery moonlight In a spot we know so well I shall be there waiting for you Whistling under the moon (Whistle, whistle) Listen at eventide (Whistle, whistle) Whistling under the moon (Whistle, whistle) Calling you to my side (Whistle, whistle) When that catchy little strain of melody you hear Youíll know, my dear, Iím somewhere near Hurry along to me soon (Whistle, whistle) When you hear me whistling under the moon (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - December 2004)


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