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WHO CARES ABOUT APRIL? (Henry Levy / Ken Hanna) as recorded by June Christy with orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo August 8th 1960 Hollywood Who cares about April? Who cares about Spring? Why build on a moment's passion, On a meaningless thing? Why think of tomorrow? Why live in a dream? Why try to make one great madness Fit into a scheme? No thrill is too inviting When youth must have its play, But love is worth a living for, Only for a day! Who cares about April? Who cares about Spring? Why kindle the fireless ember Of ashes that cling? Why long for a lifetime Of hopeless romance? Why long for an endless Summer That Fall disenchants? In Spring there's no sensation, No thrill that starts anew, For April time can never bring me you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2015)


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