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WHY DO I CRY FOR JOEY? (Ralph Freed / Grace Saxon / Rod Sherwood) as recorded by Connie Stevens 1959 (Joey, Joey, Joey) Why do I cry for Joey? He doesn't care about me! Why am I still in love with him? Why can't my heart be free? Why do I cry for Joey? He doesn't know I'm alive! If I must live without his love, How will my heart survive? To wait and wait for arms that never hold you Can never bring you happiness that's real. I listen to my friends who say I told you so, But nothing seems to change the way I feel! Why do I cry for Joey? (Joey) He's still the one I adore! Somebody new may love him too, But I know I love Joey more! (Joey, Joey, Joey) (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2018)


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