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WILLIAM TELL Theme from the TV Series "The Adventures Of William Tell" (1957) (Music by Gioacchino Rossini / Lyrics by Harold Purcell) David Whitfield - 1957 Come away, come away with William Tell Come away to the land he loved so well What a day, what a day when the apple fell For Tell and Switzerland Come away with Tell to the mountainside Looking down to the pass where the tyrants ride Set a bolt to your bow and down they go For Tell and Switzerland We are simple peasant folk We will not fell a foreign yoke Our freedom song will echo on We’ll fight for what is right. Hurry on, hurry on there’s a pungent cell Hurry on, hurry on there’s a noose as well What we must face from the jaws of hell For Tell and Switzerland. We lived our lives, we loved our friends We never wanted more We had the skill to plough and till But not the art of war But now the tyrant from the plains Steals up to take our lands. Instead of spade we wield the blade Our life is in our hands Follow on, follow on with the leaders feel With a thrust of a pike and a clash of steel Follow on with the fight till the tyrants reel For Tell and Switzerland Give ‘em one for the day they bared the grain Give ‘em two for the night that Fritz was slain Give ‘em three, give ‘em four and hooray for more For Tell and Switzerland The shepherd’s crook, the reaping hook Has taken on a warlike look With blades we’ve beaten from the plough We reap a harvest now. Come away, come away with William Tell, Come away to the land he loved so well Fit a bolt to your bow, and away we go For Te-e-e-ell, and Switzerland. (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - November 2004 From "The Very Best of David Whitfield" - Volume Two)


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