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WILL I FIND MY LOVE TODAY? Johnny Mathis (1957) The rain has stopped, The streets are fresh and warm. The sky is low, the day begins to form. Once more I step outside and go my quiet way, While in my heart I hear the words that say…. Will I find my love today? Will I see her smiling face? In some quiet magic place, Will she come my way? Will I find my love today? How i've wondered where we'll meet, In the park or on the street. Will she come my way? How am I to find love? What am I to do? Here's a lonely boy, With no rendezvous. Will I find my love today? Will she drive away all fear? Will we share a smile, a tear? For if I don't, I know tomorrow I will say, Will I find my love today? (from Wonderful Wonderful) (Transcribed by David Story - January 2013)


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